February Check-in!


February is known for being one of the worst months of the year (at least in the Northeast). The weather is always miserable, days are short, its dark and cold, and the winter seems like its been here forever, and will never go away. Luckily, it’s also the shortest month. And just so happens to be my Birthday month, so there’s that!

At this point, the year is 1/12th over, and you’ve had an entire month to get yourself situated and in the habit with your New Year’s Resolutions. Let’s take a quick second and assess how you’ve done. Did you make a resolution or goal for the new year? If yes, have you done at least 1 thing to get yourself closer to that goal or meeting that resolution? If also yes, are you still doing things to help? If no, why not? What happened to ‘derail’ you? Did you lose focus, decide on a new plan, give up?

They say it takes 21-32 days (depending on where you look) to quit a habit, or build a new one. Which means, if you have been consistent since January 1st, you should be good to keep going. If for some reason the winter blues have gotten the best of you, it’s time to shake them off and re-start the process. This is a short month, which makes it perfect for starting something new ‘just for 1 month’. a quick 4 weeks, 28 days, of something, anything, that you want to do.


The most common thing I’ve heard recently is that snow days are the worst for new habits, routines, or diets. You typically don’t leave the house, and your schedule is messed up. You have to keep the family busy, can’t make it to the gym, have to clean off the car and driveway. But here’s the thing….You have all this free time that wasn’t there before. Your commute is gone, that meeting isn’t happening, activities are canceled, and there’s nothing to do. These days are the PERFECT ones to get yourself into a home-based routine. Most of the time everyone hears about a snow day before it’s going to happen. Make a plan, just a little bit of that day to focus on yourself and what you need to do. If you’re focusing on a diet, then come up with a meal or two that will satisfy your snow day cravings, but also keep you on track for the week. If your attention is on exercise, find a small amount of space, and do a quick workout routine (even if you don’t have equipment, body weight exercises are GREAT). If your resolution or goal is something else (organization, cleaning, journaling, etc) put that in your snow day plan. The simple things add up. DO NOT LET A LITTLE SNOW KNOCK YOU OFF YOUR PATH!

2018 is already 1/12th of the way over, so you should be at least 1/12th closer to your resolution and goals. Are you there yet??

new month

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