Training with Injuries


Training with injuries and/or limitations can be challenging and frustrating. When Karen went to have surgery on her hand, she asked if we would still be able to do training and at least for lower body.
The answer, of course, was yes! We were able to keep pressure off her hand, but still, complete a full body workout. We could have just canceled sessions until she was completely healed, or just stuck to lower body only exercises, but thinking creatively we were able to work on everything.

Another client of mine has had an ongoing issue with a heel spur, and her achilles tendon. She has come into the gym wearing a boot, special socks, and tested out different types of sneakers. We know when to do certain exercises, and when to steer clear of other ones. Every week, she is in to see me 2-3 times, no matter what. We always find a way to get it done. This has helped her remain committed, not get down on herself, and most of all, see the changes she wants to see. Being able to come and train week in and week out, she has seen an improvement in her body composition, posture, strength, and even mental attitude.

The major lesson here is consistency. When you’re not missing sessions, canceling, or avoiding the gym just because of one thing, you continue to keep the gym in your routine, you keep the habit of going, and you keep it in your daily/weekly schedule.
Just because there is a part of you that is not at 100% does not mean everything else is broken too. If you need help figuring out what to do to work around something, ask whoever you can. Do what doesn’t hurt. Play with new or different exercises that might not be part of your current program. Use your body weight instead of holding onto a weight, play with tempo, and sets and reps. There are so many variables that you should never feel like you need to avoid a major part of the body, or miss tons of training just because there’s a little inconvenience.


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